Agriculture in India has come a long way in the past fifty years from the country facing severe food shortages to not only being food self-sufficient but also to become a net exporter of food. Today agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India's population with agriculture and allied sectors contributing 15-20% of India's GDP.

The rich and diverse geography of Southern Region has contributed to a diversified crops being cultivated. Agriculture also plays an important role in the livelihoods of people, especially in the rural areas dependent on agriculture and related opportunities. With the coastline stretching across South India, the scope and potential for fisheries is also immense.
Despite the considerable progress made, agriculture in India still has a long way to go when it comes to global benchmarks. To attain global standards, there is need for modernization of farms, adoption of latest technologies along with substantive investment in irrigation, seeds and fertilizers and new technology coupled with a shift into high-value commodities such as horticulture, poultry and dairying. It becomes increasingly important to drive necessary and timely interventions at Industry, Institution, FPOs and individual farmer level for transformation of Agriculture sector.

Confederation of Indian Industry - Southern Region is organising its 3rd edition of Agri Tech South 2022 scheduled from 8-10 April 2022 at Prof. Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University,Hyderabad. The aim to create a platform to showcase and introduce the best and latest Agri inputs,products, services and technologies that would drive the agriculture of the future. It would also serve as aplatform to convene some of the best minds from across the globe in the space of agriculture along withkey representatives from government, industry, academia and the farming community to discuss,deliberate, identify priorities and propose an agenda for the growth of the agriculture sector in the country.


3-Day Exhibition with 5000+ Sqm Area
150+ Exhibitors
50000+ Visitors

3 Days Conference with 1000+ Delegates

Experience Center for farmers on various farm implements

Dealers & Distributors Meet


Agriculture Machinery & Tools


Artificial Intelligence & Precision Farming

Banks & Insurance Services

Climate Control & Automation Equipment

Cold Rooms & Refrigeration Appliances

Dairy, Poultry and Livestock

Dealers & Distributors


Farm Management Equipment

Farming Consultants & Certification Agencies

Fertilizers, Pesticides & Insecticides companies

Food Processing Machinery

FPO Organizations

Grading & Sorting Machinery

Greenhouses & Polyhouses

Horticulture, Floriculture & Nursery Industry

Irrigation and Water Technologies

New Varieties, Herbal & Medicinal Plants

Organic Agriculture

Packaging Machinery

Plant Breeding & Biotechnology

R&D Institutions

Remote Sensing

Seed Companies

Soil Testing Labs


State & Central Government Departments / Agencies

Supply Chains and Logistics

Tractors / Harvesters / Rotavators

Traders & Exporters

Trade Magazines

Vertical Farming & Hydroponics

Warehousing & Cold Storage Equipment


Soil Testing & advisory activities
Seeds & Fertilizers
Water Management System

Solar pumps & other equipments
Horticulture & Animal Husbandry

Primary Processing

Advance Farming Techniques (precision, vertical etc).



Senior Executives & Professionals from industry

Manufacturers, Traders

Dealers & Exporters of Farm equipment, Seeds, Fertilizers and other Agricultural Products

Digital Solution Providers

Researchers, Scientists, Bankers

Professional Consultants


All other stakeholders of Agriculture Value Chain.


Along with the Agri-Tech South 2022, “AGRIVISION”, a 3-day Conference will be organised to bring together all the stakeholders of Agriculture production from India and across the globe and to create a platform for new business opportunities to the agri-value chain and importantly introduce practical learning to the farming community.
The plenary sessions at AGRIVISION aims at helping farmers to adapt the global best practices by developing the necessary key enabling technologies across a broad range of sectors. The conference will provide new means and methods for farmers to further optimize management of resources, improve crop quality and quantity and remain productive in a changing climate.

Increasing incomes by improving productivity

Water and Agri-Input policies

Integrated Farming System

Better market price realization
Special Policy Measures

Conference on
Agri-Technology & Innovation

8 April 2022 CEO Panel: Sessions on
  • The Changing Face of Indian Seed Sector: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Next Gen Fertilizer Innovations
  • Transformation in Agrochemical Industry
  • Innovations in Agricultural Mechanization

  • Dinner Session: Agriculture Leadership Summit
9 April 2022
  • Session on Digital Interventions in Agriculture
  • Session on Animal Agriculture
  • Session on Fisheries Technologies
  • Session on Organic Farming
  • Dinner Session: Dialogue for Rural Prosperity through Technology Interventions
9 April 2022 Angels for Agri Tech in South
10 April 2022 Progressive Farmers Summit
10 April 2022 CII AgriTech South Hackathon - Finals



The Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Trades Association Ltd. (RATA)

Food Industries Welfare Association

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